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Hello, friends! My name is Andrew Fletcher and I’m one of your choices on the ballot this spring. I live in the West End Clingman Avenue neighborhood (WECAN) between River Arts District and Downtown. I’ve got a roommate to share rent and expenses, six chickens in my backyard and I’m a Senior in Economics at […]


When it comes to making important decisions that affect the general public, there is only one way that the government should operate, and that’s in public. When you view the organizational chart for the City of Asheville, it’s you – the citizens of this community – who are ultimately in charge. Our city is full […]


Asheville could be the type of community where anyone with a little initiative and effort can easily better themselves, instead of a place where people work harder and harder only to fall farther and farther behind. The difference between where we are and where we should be boils down to one simple thing: Leadership. The […]


We all know that Asheville has become increasingly unaffordable for local people. Our mountain town is widely celebrated as a beautiful place to visit, but now we’re gaining a reputation as a very difficult place to live, much less thrive. Even highly educated and qualified members of our workforce are feeling the pinch. A recent […]

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Asheville City Council Candidate Andrew Fletcher is a 15 year resident of Asheville and a 27 year resident of Western North Carolina. He grew up in the foothills town of Tryon, NC. He is a member of WNC’s #1 voted Jazz Group, Firecracker Jazz Band, having played over 2,000 shows as a jazz pianist everywhere from Pack Square to The Kennedy Center. He first became politically active in 2015, when he joined the Asheville Buskers Collective and was able to help lead a successful advocacy effort to preserve the flourishing street culture of Asheville. This experience organizing the community to effect change in City Hall led him to other roles… Read More.

JULY 30, 2021

Announcement of Candidacy