Asheville Citizen-Times: ‘Elevator music’: Downtown Commission pans apartment design at Hilliard and Clingman (13 December 2021)

Renderings show the design of The Avery apartment complex set for the corner of Clingman and Hilliard avenues downtown.

Andrew Fletcher, who lives on Clingman, said he’s excited to see something go in the spot but called it a missed opportunity.

“I couldn’t imagine spending five years in architecture school to make this,” he said. “As a jazz musician, it feels like taking my years of experience to make elevator music.”

. . .

Fletcher also noted the 201 parking spaces for 100 units, saying the project could do more than “car storage” with the site, which is a prime location for bike transportation. 

“This feels like the world we are leaving behind, not the world we are moving to,” he said. “Minimum compliance standards, that’s how you get Charlotte … if we want to erase our sense of place, yeah, let’s just copy and paste this over and over again.”