Asheville Citizen-Times: New documentary captures Asheville busking culture (12 September 2014)

“What I like about playing on the streets is that you get to bring music to people who aren’t expecting it,” said Fletcher, who, with the help of a friend, built a custom traveling piano on wheels. “They light up with discovery.”

Fletcher, who also plays on a variety of stages in town, said the time is right for a documentary about the Asheville busking scene, which is concentrated in downtown.

“In Asheville, we really do have something unique in terms of street music culture … I think that all these people who are playing on the street are doing something that is worth remembering,” he added.

. . .

“I think because busking can be lucrative,” Fletcher said, “it has pushed up wages” in traditional venues.

Living wages for musicians is a concern, and a part of the new advocacy group AMP (Asheville Music Professionals). The organization aims to provide education, advocacy, connection and collaboration for the people who work in music.